the first half of the project during GSoC


Till this blog, I have been experiencing the first half of the project which is aimed to integrate Cloud Pinyin in ibus-pinyin.This project is interesting and full of learning points. It seems just a module of ibus-pinyin, but actually not, from my own view. It’s more like building a house and requires quite a lot of knowledge, both on coding languages and compiling.

Mentors have discussed relevant demands and we have worked out the some details  about coding during weekly slack meeting on Friday. So now I have a global and clearer understanding on my final goal — to integrate Cloud Pinyin in ibus-pinyin and then to finish Cloud Pinyin input candidate words on the basis of existing Candidate word mechanism.

I have leaned something about autotools, and can compile some of my old codes  independent of graphical build tools. That’s really a enjoying process, for the first time without clicking the ‘build’ or ‘run’ button, the programs finally build successfully. I have also learned something about gio. Though it still makes me confused in it’s powerful and functional usage, it provides a new outlook on  access to the network for me. Besides, I plan to try to get in touch with relative algorithms next period which is quite useful for the project and I need to turn to mentors for help.

In the beginning, I had no knowledge about autotools. After following the mentors’ advice, by learning from its website, I am not knowing nothing any more.  Besides, I am new to the tool gio, and trying to study becomes new daily task.

So far, I have met up with the most challenging thing is compiling. For me, now, it is quite difficult  to know fundamentals of compiling both quickly and correctly. So I would like to finish the coding part related to functions at first, and concentrate on solving the problems involved with main function. After that I will take the compiling part into consideration, seek for help and overcome it.

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